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Phrasal Verbs with Take

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Phrasal verbs with take
Here is a list of phrasal verbs with take.
Take after
To take after somebody is to resemble them.
The baby takes after his dad.
I don’t take after my dad or mom. (= I don’t resemble my dad or mom.)
Take away
To take something away is to remove, seize or capture it. This is a separable phrasal verb.
The robbers took his possessions away.
The baby was allegedly taken away by a middle aged woman.
Take back
To take back is to retract something you said.
The opposition forced the minister to take back his controversial statements on moral policing.
I shouldn’t have said that – I take it back.
To take someone back is to remind them of something in the past.
That song took me back to my university days.
To take an item back to the store is to return it.
The meat isn’t good. I am going to take it back to the shop.
Take down
To take down is to write down what is said.
Please take down. My number is …
The teacher asked the students to take down the notes.
To take something down is to remove it from a high place.
The authorities asked the company to take down their huge billboards.
Take for
To take somebody for something is to believe something, usually wrongly, about someone or something.
Don’t take me for an idiot.
Take off
When a plane takes off, it leaves the ground.
To take off your shoes is to remove them.
In India, people usually take off their shoes before entering a house.
To take days off work or school is to be absent.
As she was ill, she took a day off school.
Take on
To take on a responsibility is to accept it.
If he is not willing to take on the responsibility, we will have to find someone else.

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