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3 Learn Alphabet

Learn Alphabet 

Learn the alphabet with Peppa Pig : Script: A is for AppleB is for ButterflyC is for CarD is for DinosaurE is for EggF is for FrogG is for GeorgeH is for HornI is for Ice CreamJ is for Jack in the box K is for Kite L is for Lemonade M is for Muddy Puddles N is for Nurse Suzy O is for Owl P is for Parrot Q is for Quack R is for Rain S is for Snowman T is for Thank U ...

2 obama speech

obama speech 

 Hi, student this is the speech of President Barack Obama when he was sworn in for his second term as 44th president of the United States as 800,000 watches from the National Mall in Washington. You can study official words and practice clear pronunciation and learn some knowledge about international politics ^^  Important words: oath, inauguration, tenets, alle...

1 Learning English-Lesson Twenty Five ( Making a Speech)

Learning English-Lesson Twenty Five ( Making a Speech) 

In this lesson we look at making a speech.

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