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1107  Why is it important for people to develop their self-care skills?  cnc36 2018/08/03
1106  I like meeting people!  cnc36 2018/08/01
1105  Dogs are said to be man's best friend. Do you agree or not?  cnc36 2018/07/24
1104  Writing Topic: What are the factors to consider when choosing what to eat?  cnc36 2018/07/20
1103  How I Spend My Leisure Time  cnc36 2018/07/17
1102  The Country I visited  cnc36 2018/07/13
1101  Describe Your Typical and Ideal Lunch  cnc36 2018/07/10
1100  Farm  cnc36 2018/07/06
1099  How would you handle a patient that constantly complains about pain?  cnc36 2018/07/03
1098  Tell about a time you suppressed your emotions  cnc36 2018/06/29
1097  How do you take direction?  cnc36 2018/06/26
1096  If you could choose, which would you prefer? Living in the city or living in the farm? Explain why?  cnc36 2018/06/22
1095  What did you like/dislike about your last job?  cnc36 2018/06/19
1094  Do you like meeting new people? Why or Why not?  cnc36 2018/06/15
1093  guest test title  Guestadunk 2018/06/13
1092  Tell about a time you suppressed your emotions.  cnc36 2018/06/12
1091  If you could have any job in the world, what would it be? why?  cnc36 2018/06/08
1090  What is your dream job?  cnc36 2018/06/05
1089  Do you like your mother's cooking? Why or why not?  cnc36 2018/05/29
1088  If you are living abroad, what is the food that you miss most from home?  cnc36 2018/05/25

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