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-ing and -ed Adjectives

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작성일: 2018년 09월18일(화) 오후09:12
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검은색:학생영작=> [Student's sentence]
파란색:수정문장=> [Corrected sentence]
빨간색:문법설명=> [Grammar explanation] 
초록색:나은문장=> [Better sentence]

He was annoyed becase of cheating. 
He was annoyed because of cheating.
The correct spelling is because

She was bored listening musics. 
She was bored of listening to music.
We say: bored of/with someone/something.
Music is uncountable.

After exam, he was so depressed.
After the exam, he was so depressed.
Use articles (an, an, the) before countable nouns.

They are excited to go to Brazil. 
This sentence is correct.

It was frustrating news. 
This sentence is correct.

The news was so frightening. 
This sentence is correct.

The report was satisfying. 
This sentence is correct.

The article was so shocking.
This sentence is correct.

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