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What are your ingredients to have a good life?

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은색학생영작 - [Student's sentence] 
파란색수정문장 - [Corrected sentence]
빨간색문법설명 - [Grammar explanation]
초록색나은문장 - [Better sentence]

I think friends and family are important to my life. Becuase lif i live my life alone I feel very lonely and depressed. 
I think family and friends are important in my life because if I live my life alone, I would feel very depressed
It's better to put family first than friends since family is more important. Again, don't forget not to begin your sentence with "because" since it is considered as a phrase. Don't forget to double check your spelling. The word "depressed" already mean very sad and lonely so need to put lonely as well for it will sound redundant or repetitive.
I think family and friends are important in my life because if I live alone I would feel depressed.

And money is also important. 
Money is also important. 
Don't start your sentence with "and". Again, "and" is a connector. It connects phrases to make it into one sentence.

I have lot of limitation that don't have enough money. 
I have a lot of limitations when I don't have enough money. 
Instead of "that" use the word "when" to explain time. "Limitation" should be in its plural form "Limitations". 
I feel very limited when I don't have enough money.


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