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Simple Sentences

작성자: cnc36
작성일: 2019년 06월14일(금) 오후08:16
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1.lady have a bag 2.i want go market 3.she buy the apple 4i like strawberry 


검은색:학생영작=>[Student's sentence] 
파란색:수정문장=>[Corrected sentence] 
빨간색:문법설명=>[Grammar explanation] 
초록색:나은문장=>[Better sentence]


1. ladyhave a bag
The lady has a bag.
Use the article "The" to introduced your noun "lady". Instead of "have" use "has"because your subject is singular.
You only use "have" for plural subjects! Put a period (.) at the end of your sentence.

2 .iwant go market
I want to go to the market.
Always capitalize the first letter of your sentence.
Pattern: go to the +place ~ I want to go to the market.

3. she buy the apple
She buys the apple.
Capitalizethe first letter of your sentence. Follow the first subject-verb agreement rule: singular subject must take a singular verb, thus your verb should be "buys". Put a period (.) at the end of your sentence.
She buys an apple.

4. like strawberry
I like strawberries.
Capitalizethe first letter of your sentence. Pattern: I like + plural form of the verb~ I like strawberries. 

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