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Make five sentences using possessive adjectives.

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은색학생영작 - [Student's sentence]
파란색수정문장 - [Corrected sentence]
빨간색문법설명 - [Grammar explanation] 
초록색나은문장 - [Better sentence]

who's owns what?
Who owns what?
'Who's' is the contraction of 'who is', therefore, it is incorrect. Capitalize the first letter of your sentence. 

My family is mother, father, two brothers and me.
My family consists of my mother, my father, my two brothers, and me.
Consist of means to be composed or made up of. 

Her cat name is nani.
Her cat’s name is Nani.
Capitalize proper nouns. Possessive nouns use apostrophe (‘) to show who owns something. The phrase ‘cat’s name’ if written another way would be ‘name of the cat.'

His cap is nice today.
This sentence is correct. 
His cap looks nice today.

Their house is to back of the mountain.
Their house is at the back of the mountain.
A preposition of place is a preposition which is used to refer to a place where something or someone is located. The appropriate preposition is at as it expresses location, a particular place, or position.  

Our family is to live happily together.
Our family lives happily together.
Remove 'is to.' 'Lives' can stand as the verb in the sentence. Change 'live' to 'lives' since family is considered to be in the singular form.

Yours computher of connect hours is to high speed.
Your computer’s connection is high speed.
Observe correct spelling of computer and add " 's " to put it in the possessive form.
Your computer has a high speed connection.


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