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Do you like surprises? Why or why not?

작성자: cnc36
작성일: 2018년 05월18일(금) 오후11:56
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I like surprise because when We are boring to our day, surprise give to us something new.Then We can recieve something new power. So I like surprise and I like changing something. And I don`t like BORING!! :)



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I like surprise because when We are boring to our day, surprise give to us something new.
I like surprises because when we have a boring day, surprises give us something new.
Use surprises if you are talking about it in general. Boring is an adjective that describes day in your sentence. Moreover, you can also say "when we are bored". There are cases in which to is necessary before give, but in this sentence, it is not necessary.

Then We can recieve something new power.
Then, we can receive new power.
Use a comma after transition words and phrases that begin a sentence, which is then in your sentence.  Other examples of transition words are however, therefore, etc. Something should be eliminated in this sentence.

And I don`t like BORING.
To sum up, I don't like boring days.
Use a transitional device for conclusion/summary (e.g. to sum up, in conclusion, etc.) instead of a coordinating conjunction. Boring is an adjective used to modify a noun; you can use days in this sentence. You can also say I don't like being bored. You can add -ed to some verbs to use them to describe a feeling or emotion.

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