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In your own opinion, what food in your country symbolizes value / trait?

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In my opinion, Korean food is well known for having health foods such as bibimbap and bul-go-gi that are very full of vegetable and side ingredients like rice or kimchi.

In my opinion, Korean food is well-known for having healthy foods, such as Bibimbap and Bul-go-gi, that are very full of vegetable and side ingredients like rice and Kimchi.

For "well known" and  "well-known"", both can be used, but a hyphen is required when the phrase is adjectival.
When two nouns are joined together, the first noun becomes an adjective; hence, healthy foods.
Use "such as" to provide specific examples of something you’re talking about. Use a comma before "such as" and after your example, unless the example is at the very end of the sentence.   
Take note that first letters of proper nouns are capitalized.

In my opinion, Korean food is well-known for having healthy foods, such as Bibimbap and Bul-go-gi, which are often accompanied with vegetable and side ingredients like rice and Kimchi. 
Bibimbap and Bul-go-gi, served with rice and Kimchi, are some Korean foods that are well-known for being healthy foods because they are mostly cooked with vegetables.

If you had bibimbap for your meal, you would feel full in your belly for very long time.

If you had Bibimbap for your meal, you would feel full in your belly for very long time.

Capitalize the first letter of your proper noun, "Bibimbap".

One may be full after eating Bibimbap.

Therefore even you could skip your next meal. And all the ingredients in bibimbap usually have anti-cancer power so that it will keep you out from doctors and save money.

Therefore, even you could skip your next meal and all the ingredients in Bibimbap usually have anti-cancer elements so that it will keep you away from doctors and save money.

When using "therefore" at the beginning of the sentence, place a comma after it.
"Keep you away" is appropriate as it means "to prevent or refrain from".
Your term "power" may refer to "elements" or "components" in this context. 
You may use "and" when you want to connect phrases, clauses or sentences. If not, create another sentence: "Therefore, even you could skip your next meal. 
All the ingredients..." 

Aside from a less pricey filling meal, Bibimbap have anti-cancer ingredients that keep you healthy.   

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