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The White Tiger

작성자: cnc36
작성일: 2019년 03월15일(금) 오후04:31
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About Myoya Yotube channel!! >>>> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4eCeHvwkrk50PJYUA8anYQ

It's the character of white tiger. so I like it (she's cute!!!)

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It's the character of white tiger.
t's the character of the white tiger. 
You must need to use the article "the" because you are referring to the definite noun, white tiger. 

so Ilike it. (she's cute!!!)  
So, I like it. She's cute!
You must start your sentence with a capital letter.
If you started your sentence with a conjunction (e.g., so, but, end, etc.),

place a comma after it. 
Always end your sentence with a period.
Better yet, make one sentence out of the two when you are using the conjunction "so".
IThe character of the white tiger is cute, so I like it.

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