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My Favorite Movie

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검은색:학생영작=> [Student's sentence]
파란색:수정문장=> [Corrected sentence]
빨간색:문법설명=> [Grammar explanation]
초록색:나은문장=> [Better sentence]

My fav;orite movie is Ralph Breaks the Internet.
My favorite movie is Ralph Breaks the Internet.
The sentence is correct. You just need to be mindful of the spelling. Always double-check your work.

This movie is exciting
This movie is exciting.
Don't forget the punctuation when making sentences.

This movie story were Ralph and Vanelope went in Internet. And Vanelope went racing game zone. And she be addicted to game
The story is about Ralph and Vanellope who went in the Internet. Vanellope went inside a racing game zone, and she got addicted to the game.
You can also put "This movie's story IS ABOUT" since you are giving a short synopsis of what the movie is all about.
Change "be" into "got" - incorrect word usage. Don't just study vocabulary, study their usage as well.
Much better sentences ==> The story is about Ralph and Vanellope who traveled into the World Wide Web to save Vanellope's game. She went went inside a racing game zone, and she got addicted to it.

And we learn to This movie. Ex. we be able many factory Google, Ebay, Buzztube....And movie is exciting
We learned a lot from this movie. For example, we learned about Google, Ebay, and Buzztube. The movie is really amazing.
Avoid starting your sentence with a conjunction, such as "and", "but", etc.in an academic writing. Use "a lot of" as it means big amount of something or many. Your sentence means you learned many things from the movie.
More practice in sentence construction would greatly help you construct better sentences. Apply the rules discussed in our lesson when speaking or writing in English.
Much better sentences ==> I learned a lot from this movie. I was also able to learn about different internet sites like Google, Ebay, and Buzztube. This movie is really amazing.

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