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Making Simple Sentences

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I prepared an event to my mother 2. I sudmit my homework 3. he is gossipmonger 4. she is big mouth

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1. I prepared an event to my mother
I prepared an event for my mother.
Use the preposition for as it means intended or to be given to.

2. I sudmit my homework
I submit my homework.
Please double check your spelling. Submit is spelled s-u-b-m-i-t.

3. he is gossipmonger
He is a gossipmonger.
Capitalize the first letter if your sentence.

4. she is big mouth
She has a big mouth.
When you make a sentence don't forget to start the first word in big letter and it should end with a period (.).
Big mouth is a noun. Use "has a" instead of the -be verb "is." When someone has a big mouth, it means that he/she often say things that are meant to be kept secret.

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