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What are the characteristics of a good citizen?

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작성일: 2019년 01월18일(금) 오후05:52
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I think who get consideration for others is a good citizens. because we are live together with other people. so selfish person is not welcome anywhere. we should consideration each other!

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I think who get consideration for others is a good citizens. because we are live together with other people.
I think people who are considerate are  good citizens because they know how to live well with others.
You need to establish a noun to which your relative clause "who" will connect.Use the adjective considerate to describe. It's more appropriate to do that. Combine sentences with the same thoughts.    

so selfish person is not welcome anywhere. we should consideration each other!
Selfish people are not welcome anywhere. We should always try to consider one another. 
Make your thoughts simple. Observe proper capitalization. Use a a plural noun (people) when you talk about a noun in general. 

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