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I like meeting new people.

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I like meeting new people. Because i like talking. To befriend new people should have a lot of conversation. So l always have an open mind to meet new people.

I like meeting new people because I like talking. To befriend new people,one should be a conversationalistThus, l always have an open mind to meet new people.

'Because' is a conjunction that intorduces a reason. It is written in a small letter when it's in the middle of the sentence. It is only written in a capital when it begins a sentence, and the clause it introduces, ends in a comma. 'Because I like talking, I like meeting new people.'
The pronoun 'I' is always written in a big letter irregardless of its position in a sentence.
When a dependent clause introduces a sentence, put a comma after the clause -'To befriend new people,'.
You need a subject 'one or you' in your independent clause -'one should be a conversationalist'.
I rephrase your sentence to make your meaning clearer.
'A conversationalist' is someone who likes to talk.
'Thus' is a conjunction which means the same with 'so'. In formal writing, we don't use the conjunction to begin a sentence, unless it is a dependent clause.

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