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My Best Friend

작성자: cnc36
작성일: 2018년 10월23일(화) 오후11:04
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 은색학생영작 - [Student's sentence] 
파란색수정문장 - [Corrected sentence]
빨간색문법설명 - [Grammar explanation] 
초록색나은문장 - [Better sentence]


My best friend name is Myanghwa hyun. She was my highschool club member.
My best friend's name is Myanghwa hyun. She was a member of my high school club.
Add " 's " to 'best friend' in order to show it in possessive form.
A member of an organization not a member of someone. The word high school are separated.

First I awkward with her but not long after we can become friends.
First, I was awkward with her but not long after we became friends.
Be careful with your punctuation marks; put a comma after the word "first". Be careful with your verb tenses. The word "was" is used for the simple past of the verb. Change the word become to became. The word became is the past tense of the word become

Her personality is brisk and she likes cosmetics.
This sentence is correct.

We are always have a good time.
We always have a good time.
Eliminate the word "are" . Use the present simple form. 

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