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Do you take time to go on vacations? When was the last time you did and how did you feel?

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I used not to have time to go on vacations.

I used to not have time to go on vacations.

The word "to" is part of the infinitive form of a verb. "To" must always be next to the verb it goes with. For example, "to run". A structure in which word/s added between "to"and the verb is called "split infinitive".

I don't have the leisure to go on vacations.

I would stay at home and chilled out. 

I would stay at home and chill out.

"Would" is a past-tense form of will. It is also used as a modal verb to indicate a conditional or subjunctive mood. For this case,"would" plus the base form of the verb; hence, "chill out". 

I spend my time relaxing at home. 

My favorite treatment to myself is watching YouTube while lying on a bed.
My favorite treatment to myself is watching YouTube while lying in bed.

Perhaps it is okay to use the preposition "on", but it is not that common. You use the phrase "on the bed" when somebody is not covered with sheets or blankets. "In bed" means under the covers. 

I love staying in bed and watching YouTube videos.

But if I had a chance to go on vacations to somewhere, I would go to Laos where has the less expensive currency compared to Korean Won. 
But if I had a chance to go on vacation somewhere, I would go to Laos where there is a less expensive currency compared to Korean Won.
The noun "vacation" can be countable or uncountable. In more general, commonly used, contexts, the plural form will also be "vacation". However, in more specific contexts, the plural form can also be "vacations". For example, in reference to various types of vacation or a collection of vacations.
If I were to go on vacation, I would prefer to go to Laos because of their low currency compared to Korea's.

I have friend of mine who went to Laos, and he enjoyed a lot in there.
This sentence is correct. 
My friend, who went to Laos, said he enjoyed his vacation there. 

I believe that travelling can affect people with much of fresh air, and it makes them do new things with creativity and calmness.
I believe that travelling can affect people with much fresh air, and it makes them do new things with creativity and calmness. 
Remove the preposition "of". It should be "fresh air" only. 
Travelling is packaged with fresh air, creativity, and calmness.

So next time, I will be travelling around Asia in near future.
So next time, I will be travelling around Asia.
"Will" indicates a future action. It will be redundant with the 
phrase "near future".

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