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509  Diet  cnc36 2018/11/16
508  What talent do you wish you had?  cnc36 2018/11/13
507  How important is time management?  cnc36 2018/11/09
506  What kind of person do you usually hang out with?  cnc36 2018/11/06
505  Why do people have different eye colors?  cnc36 2018/10/26
504  My Best Friend  cnc36 2018/10/23
503  What is your dream job?  cnc36 2018/10/19
502  Is your idea of success the same as your parents' idea of success?  cnc36 2018/10/16
501  What's in your living room?  cnc36 2018/10/12
500  Why do patients need to undergo a series of tests to diagnose their illness?  cnc36 2018/10/09
499  Why do you think eyes have different colors?  cnc36 2018/10/05
498  Tell about a famous story that you heard when you were still a kid.  cnc36 2018/10/02
497  What products of food science and biotechnology do you use in your daily life?  cnc36 2018/09/28
496  Do you like meeting new people? Why or why not?  cnc36 2018/09/21
495  -ing and -ed Adjectives  cnc36 2018/09/18
494  What do you think is the best way to learn English?  cnc36 2018/09/14
493  What are the characteristics of a good citizen?  cnc36 2018/09/11
492  Do you think that Koreans have to eat kimchi as a part of their national identity?  cnc36 2018/09/07
491  Which do you prefer? Eating in a restaurant or in a hotel?  cnc36 2018/09/04
490  What are your ingredients to have a good life?  cnc36 2018/08/29

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